Ibiza Clubs

Nowhere in the world compares to Ibiza when it comes to clubbing.

Sure, Vegas might set the standard for VIP, and Croatia now holds the summer festival crown, but Ibiza is still the true clubbing capital of the world.

It has something for everyone. Want to party at a beach club and rub shoulders with millionaire yacht owners? Check. Sing your heart out at a day-time pool party? Check. Dance to the latest underground house music in a disused plane hangar with a few other thousand people? Check. The very best DJs in the world no matter where you end up? CHECK.

For such a tiny island (don’t forget, it’s 231 sq miles, that’s 6 times smaller than Majorca), it’s pretty incredible that throughout the summer each of its clubs bring in huge crowds day in, day out.

And let’s not forget, we’re not just talking weekends. Ibiza is open every. Single. Day. From May until October each year, clubbers are literally spoilt for choice. The super clubs are like none other. The underground clubs are unique. The island never fails to amaze you how it can adapt, no matter long you’ve been going.

For us, clubbing is what makes Ibiza, Ibiza. And that’s why we made this site: to help navigate you to the best nightlife that Ibiza has to offer.

Check out information about Ibiza’s clubs below. Each summer some come, some go. It’s all part of the evolution of the island that never stops amazing us.

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