Pikes Ibiza

Hotel. Club. Ibiza Institution.

Pikes’ history goes way back. Set up by Tony Pike in the 1970s, some of the world’s most famous names were frequent guests at the hotel, situated a short drive from San Antonio to the west of Ibiza.

Perhaps most famously, Freddie Mercury was a recurring guest, who even now has his own room named after him. To say you’ve danced in Freddy Mercury’s old hotel room is one of those things you could only really say in Ibiza.

Then of course there’s the swimming pool, made famous by Wham’s Club Tropicana music video, which was shot at the hotel. 

It’s all part of a venue that you get a sense has seen it all over the years. In 2011, Ibiza Rocks took ownership of the venue and modernised it to what the hotel is today.

From a club perspective, don’t expect a huge sweeping dancefloor as if you’re in a super club. No, what you should prepare for is more the feeling that you’re at a house party in the middle of the Ibizan countryside. To be honest, that’s pretty much what it is. It’s like nowhere else, and it is fantastic.

The club is not open every night, and the music policy varies considerably throughout the week, so plan your trip carefully. With that said, Pikes is not the sort of venue you simply stumble into, so if you’re heading there to party, you can be sure you’ll be there with some other like-minded friends.

Parties at Pikes usually have free entry, however you will need to apply for guestlist directly through their website.

“A venue steeped in history, and a house party like atmosphere”

  • Make sure you check the set times for the club. The parties change from night to night and it won’t close as last as other clubs in Ibiza
  • If you’re feeling peckish, grab some food at the excellent restaurant so you can dine and relax before dancing


Pikes is located a few kilometres outside of San Antonio, on the west of Ibiza. It’s pretty hidden away so we recommend taking a taxi there. It will cost you under €10 from San Antonio, and around €35 from Ibiza Town to get there.

There are no formal open / closing times since Pikes is a hotel. With that said, most of the clubnights start at 8pm and go on until 4am.

Tickets for Pikes are usually free, on an advanced guestlist.

A beer costs €15, Water €9 and a spirit + mixer €19.

Pikes can hold up to 800 people.

Whilst you might want to dress smarter for the restaurant, if you’re just going to be clubbing there’s no dress code. Wear whatever you’re comfortable dancing in!

Check out the full line up for Pikes Ibiza here.