Ibiza Clubbing Survey

The longest winter of our lives is nearly over. With the vaccination program under way in Ibiza and beyond, there are signs pointing to some sort of summer season taking place in 2021.

Whilst we’re sure that tourism will resume in Ibiza this year, the reopening of nightlife is a different question altogether.

With this in mind, we decided to conduct an Ibiza 2021 clubbing survey. The primary purpose was to gauge thoughts about clubbing in Ibiza in the context of Covid. Additional questions also covered clubs, parties, tickets, accommodation and what people liked most and least about Ibiza in general. The results below are split into these 6 sections.

In total 790 people took the survey: 79% being from the UK, with the majority aged 18-34. For more information about who took the survey, see the audience section.

Survey Results

  • 92% plan to come to Ibiza in 2021
  • But 40% would not come if clubs stayed closed
  • 86% would be happy to take a rapid test before entering a club
  • However, 67% would not go to a club if they had to wear a facemask
  • Ushuaïa tops the list as the favourite club
  • Glitterbox gets most votes for best party
  • Best thing about Ibiza? Its vibe, atmosphere & energy
  • What would people change? Cheaper prices (especially drinks)

1. Ibiza 2021 & Covid

Will you go to Ibiza in 2021?

Ibiza 2021 Clubbing Survey

People can’t wait to get back to Ibiza: 91% of respondents plan to come in 2021. However, 41% indicated they’d only go if the clubs did reopen: a considerable drop. 8% were either unsure, or were not planning to go to Ibiza this year.

Which of the following would you be comfortable with in Ibiza 2021?

What would you be comfortable with in Ibiza in 2021_ 1

In 2020, very few venues opened in a limited capacity, with table service only and no dancefloors.

There’s no doubt everyone wants dancefloors open again in 2021: 75% are comfortable with both indoor and outdoor dancing. The remainder of respondents said they’d be comfortable outdoor dancefloors (20%) or table service (5%) only.

Would you go to a club if you had to do any of the following?

Would you go to Ibiza if you had to do any of the following_ 2

We’ve seen and heard all sorts of possible measures that will allow for safe clubbing again in a post-pandemic world. From the results above, the most accepted method would be to take a rapid test on entry to a club: 86% said they’d be happy to do so.

A lower, but still high 82% of respondents would be willing to show a proof of vaccine, or negative PCR test, to gain entry to a club.

Unsurprisingly, the majority wouldn’t go to a club if they had to wear a facemask – and we don’t blame them! 67% would not go to a club if a facemask was mandatory.

Lots of questions come to mind here. Could clubs realistically carry out rapid tests before entering, and who would pay for it? Would an Ibiza dancefloor really be the same if it was half empty, and facemasks were mandatory?

2. Why Ibiza?

What’s the best thing about Ibiza?

What's the best thing about Ibiza_ 3

The response to this question was freeform text, and it was difficult not the smile the whole time reading through what people wrote. There were a few themes emerge from the answers, which have been grouped together into the results above.

Lots of people couldn’t pin down an answer to one thing, which is completely understandable. Indeed, 12% did just say “everything” (it’s excluded in the chart above)!

What came up time and time again, was Ibiza’s vibe, atmosphere, and energy. Over a third of responses had this theme, and it’s what people love most about Ibiza.

Nightlife, Music, the island’s beauty, and the people were also popular responses. You can see some of the common words mentioned in the word cloud below.

What's the best thing about Ibiza_ Wordcloud 4

What’s the one thing you would change about Ibiza?

What's the one thing you'd change about Ibiza 5

It’s important to note something here. 41% of people said they’d change nothing about Ibiza! But that’s been excluded from the grouped themes above.

The main gripe, for over 2/3rd of people, unsurprisingly, was about high prices. 42% said prices in general were too high, and 25% specifically called out drink prices. It’s difficult to argue with that.

3. Clubs & Parties

What’s your favourite club and party in Ibiza?

What's your favourite club_ 6
What's your favourite party_ 7

Based on our replies, Ushuaïa comes out with 29% of the votes for favourite club. It’s followed closely by sister club Hï, while Amnesia and have a similar share of responses.

As for parties, there’s not much in it at all. Glitterbox comes out narrowly ahead of F*** ME I’M FAMOUS, followed by Defected.

Considering the huge increase in popularity of daytime parties in the last 10 years, we’re not surprised Ushuaïa got the most votes.

The huge range of choices for both clubs and parties just shows how varied the party scene is in Ibiza. There’s something for every style and taste of music, and long may that continue!

4. Tickets

How do you normally buy tickets for clubs in Ibiza?

How do you buy club tickets_ 8

Do you plan club nights in advance before going to Ibiza?

Do you know which parties you'll go to_ 9

When it comes to planning club nights in Ibiza, there are two distinct groups that come out of the survey.

Around half of people are planners: they like to be prepared, know exactly which parties they’ll be going to, and will buy tickets online in advance. The main reasons for buying in advance for this group included preparation, guaranteed entry, and price.

Then you have the non-planners. They’re the ones who have an idea where they’ll be going, but leave it until the last minute to buy tickets either online in Ibiza, or at their hotel / bar. The main reasons for this behaviour is to allow for spontaneity, and ease of buying tickets in Ibiza.

What's the reason for purchasing tickets in that way?

Why do you purchase tickets that way_ 10

5. Accommodation

Where do you stay when you go to Ibiza?

Which Accommodation Types Have you Stayed in_ 11

What’s the most important factor for choosing accommodation?

Most Important Accommodation Factor 12

When it comes to accommodation, hotels are the preferred choice overall. For those who normally come in groups above 5, villas were the most popular choice.

As for the most important factor in choosing accommodation, it comes as no surprise that location came out on top by 37% of respondents. Proximity to nightlife was the second most popular answer, with 11% of the vote.

6. Audience

Age 13
Gender 14
Country Respondents 15

Who do you go to Ibiza with? What's your typical group size?

Who Do You Go With_ 16
How Large is your Group_ 17

The majority of respondents were from the UK, aged 25-34. 51% have been to Ibiza 2 or more times. The 30% who indicated they had never been to Ibiza only answered the Covid related questions, and skipped the rest.

Over 70% of those who responded come to Ibiza with friends. The typical group size for trips was 3-4 (44%), followed by 26% whose group size is between 5-8 people.

It’s clear that we’re ready to go clubbing in Ibiza again, with the vast majority willing to take necessary precautions to do so safely in 2021.

Let’s hope it’s not long before we’re dancing together again, enjoying the vibe and energy that makes Ibiza a place like no other in the world ?

For further information regarding this survey’s data, contact [email protected].

Kieran Doyle

Founder & Editor

We aim to give you all the info you need to buy your club tickets for Ibiza.

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