Ibiza Clubbers Survey 2024

A few years ago, we were anxiously waiting for news on whether Ibiza’s nightlife would be able to reopen in 2021. During that uncertain time, we decided to conduct a survey about all things clubbing in Ibiza.

Fast forward to today, and we’re happy to report that in 2024, COVID feels like a distant memory. The island has enjoyed two full clubbing seasons, and the clubs are as bustling as ever. The season now begins a whole month earlier in April, with parties extending well into mid-October.

To find out what else has changed in that time, we’ve conducted another survey, focusing on the habits and preferences of Ibiza clubbers. A total of 857 people responded to the survey, either through our newsletter or via an embedded form on various pages of our website between April and May 2024.

The survey represents an active Ibiza clubbing audience, with 82% of respondents planning at least one trip this season. Enthusiasm for Ibiza’s nightlife is evident, with 39% of respondents hitting the clubs every day during their trip, and 80% going out at least every other day during their stay.

Ushuaïa and Hï stand out as the favourite venues, with Ushuaïa receiving over a third of the votes for the top club. David Guetta’s FMIF and Future Rave parties narrowly edge out Calvin Harris’s events as the island’s favorite parties.

A significant trend is the increase in online ticket purchases and advanced planning. Based on our survey results, 82% of clubbers buy their tickets online, a rise from 77% in 2021, and 58% secure their tickets before arriving in Ibiza, up from 50% in 2021. Financially, the majority of respondents budget between €100 and €200 per day for nightlife, reflecting the costs associated with enjoying Ibiza’s parties.

When it comes to what makes Ibiza special, respondents highlight the island’s unique vibe and atmosphere as its best attributes. However, increased prices are a notable change over the years, with many expressing a desire for more affordable experiences.

This report delves into the detailed findings of the survey, providing a comprehensive overview of the current Ibiza clubbing landscape and the evolving habits of its visitors.

Survey Results

  • 83% of the 857 respondents are planning to visit Ibiza at least once this season. 17% are undecided about visiting yet, and 1% indicated they are not going to Ibiza in 2024
  • 39% of respondents go clubbing every day when they’re in Ibiza will go clubbing every day. 80% go at least once every other day.
  • Ushuaïa & Hï dominate the favourite club and party votes:
    • Ushuaïa is the top rated club, with over a third of votes for the Playa d’en Bossa venue
    • David Guetta’s FMIF / Future Rave parties are voted narrowly ahead of Calvin Harris as the top parties on the island
  • Clubbers are buying more tickets online, and planning further ahead:
      • 82% of users said they buy their tickets online, up from 77% in 2021
      • 58% of users buy their tickets online before to Ibiza, up from 50% in 2021.
  • The majority of respondents budget between €100 – 200 per day for nightlife.
  • Ibiza’s Vibe & Atmosphere are voted the best thing about the island. Increased prices are the main thing people think have changed over the years, and most people voted for lower prices as the one thing they’d change about Ibiza.

1. Ibiza 2024

Will you go to Ibiza in 2024?

The vast majority of those surveyed will be going to Ibiza in 2024. 17% aren’t sure yet, and only 0.6% won’t be making the trip this summer.

When do you normally visit Ibiza?

No big surprises here: just under 55% of people normally visit in the peak months of summer.

Despite clubs now opening at the end of April, far more are likely to visit during the Closing Party season in September or October.

We then asked why people normally visit at that time:

Why do you visit at that time?

2. Clubbing Habits

How many days / nights do you go clubbing on a typical trip?

This is why we call it the clubbers survey. Over 80% of people who took the survey will be clubbing at least once every other day, with 39% saying they’ll be hitting Ibiza’s clubs every day during their trip.

How much do you budget per day for clubbing / nightlife?

Clubbing in Ibiza isn’t getting any cheaper. We’ll see how this one changes over time, but as it stands the average person is budgeting between €100-200 per day on clubbing alone. It’s easy to see why when the average club ticket is now €50.

Do you plan your club nights in advance?

Let’s start to compare some of the answers in 2024 to 2021.

We can see from the responses above that Ibiza clubbers are planning their parties more than before.

52% of respondents this year said that they knew exactly which parties and clubs they’ll be going to before making the trip to Ibiza. This is up from 49% in 2021. There was a small decrease (from 7% to 6%) who said that they don’t decide anything until arriving in Ibiza.

It seems there’s a little less spontaneity with nightlife decisions, perhaps due to certain parties becoming more established as years have gone by.

3. Tickets

How do you normally buy tickets for clubs in Ibiza?

There are two notable behavioral shifts to observe. Firstly, the transition from offline to online ticket purchases is continuing. In 2021, 77% of respondents reported buying tickets online, a figure that has risen to 82% in 2024.

Additionally, the percentage of people who usually buy tickets online before going to Ibiza has increased from 50% to 58%.

With clubs becoming busier and sometimes selling out for larger parties, fear of missing out could be driving more people to purchase tickets in advance. Furthermore, as ticket prices rise overall, many clubs offer early bird prices, which also contributes to these changes in purchasing behavior.

Why do you buy tickets online / offline?

In addition to financial benefits and planning ahead, the convenience and ease was mentioned frequently when people explained why they normally purchase tickets online.

Ticket sellers have made purchasing tickets extremely simple these days, using technologies such as Apple Pay and digital wallets to buy and store tickets.

4. Clubs & Parties

What’s your favourite club in Ibiza?

What's your favourite party in Ibiza?

There’s a clear winner when it comes to our readers’ favorite club: Ushuaïa. The Playa d’en Bossa open-air superclub received a significant 34% of all votes, up from 29% in 2021, solidifying its position as the top choice.

Its sister club across the road, Hï, came in second place again. Despite being voted the #1 club in the world by DJ Mag, it wasn’t enough to dethrone Ushuaïa. The rankings of other clubs remained largely unchanged based on respondents’ votes.

Why has Ushuaïa grown in popularity? The answer likely lies in the favourite party question. In 2021, Calvin Harris didn’t have his own standalone residency (at least not for an entire season), but now his Friday parties at Ushuaïa, hosted with MK, are among the most popular on the island, receiving 14% of the votes.

Meanwhile, David Guetta’s popularity in Ibiza continues to soar. His FMIF (Mondays at Ushuaïa) and Future Rave (Fridays at Hï) parties were chosen as the most popular. Perhaps we bent the rules slightly by combining both parties in the survey, but there’s no denying it: the Frenchman remains as relevant and beloved as ever on the White Isle.

2021’s most voted party, Glitterbox, followed in third place, with the legendary Circoloco close behind. Many other parties at Ibiza’s main superclubs shared the remainder of the votes.

5. Why Ibiza

What's the best thing about Ibiza?

What would you change about Ibiza?

These questions were answered via freeform text, and we categorised the responses accordingly.

The answers to what people love, and what they’d change, were quite similar compared to 2021. Ibiza’s vibe, energy, and unique atmosphere stood out as the best things about the island. Meanwhile, the island’s high prices were the biggest gripe again.

One negative social aspect mentioned more frequently this year was the use of social media, and phones, on the dancefloor. In 2024 it’s already been a hot topic of debate that looks set to continue. Is a club’s vibe affected by too many people using their phones? We’re intrigued to see how Damian Lazarus’ no phones policy plays out in the Club Room at Hï this season. It might well become a more familiar sight 📵

damian lazarus ibiza 2024 1
Damian Lazarus has a no phones policy for his Hï Ibiza 2024 parties

6. Audience


Who do you normally go to Ibiza with?

What's your typical group size?

The majority of respondents were from the UK (33%), and 59% were female. 32% of respondents were between 25-34.

Most of the people who took the survey go to Ibiza with friends (62%), with a typical group size of 3-4 people.

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Kieran Doyle

Founder & Editor