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Every year in May, Ibiza wakes up from its winter hibernation. Energised, fresh, and ready to take on the new summer season, workers and locals prepare for another 5 month adventure that always ends up being different to the last.

Ibiza had its longest season yet in 2023. The parties were bigger and better than ever – long may that continue!

Will you be ready for another season to remember in 2024?

If you just can’t wait for your Ibiza fix, then look no further than heading to the island for Opening Parties. It’s a period of acclimatisation before the season really gets into its rhythm, typically spanning a few weeks from mid-May to early June.

Some, but not all clubs, host their own, one-off parties that aren’t affiliated with any specific promoter. With it being such a unique time on the island, you often find people coming to Ibiza purely for either opening or closing parties.

Opening parties are all about setting a standard for the rest of the season.

DJ Line ups are often amongst the strongest, and clubs may well extend opening hours or change the layout of the club for these one-off events.

We still have fond memories of Opening Parties at Space (now Hï). The entire car park at the back of the venue was opened up, creating an incredible festival-like atmosphere that completely changed the vibe of the whole club. Ah… memories.

This page is regularly updated: lots of Ibiza Opening Parties get announced from January until April.

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When do Ibiza Opening Parties take place?

When exactly do Ibiza Opening Parties take place? As with Ibiza’s Closing Parties, there’s no official time period for when the season starts or finishes.

In the past few years, many see the International Music Summit (IMS) as the time when the season really gets underway. Its end of conference finale at Dalt Vila is often the same weekend when you’ll see a lot of other opening parties kicking off.

IMS typically takes place over the course of a few days between the 20th-24th May. So in a normal year, most Opening Parties start in Ibiza by the 21st-23rd May.

However, in the last couple of seasons, we have seen IMS and Opening Parties taking place a whole month earlier, at the end of April. As the years go by we are seeing the Ibiza season window getting larger and larger, normally the weekend before the early UK May Bank Holiday.

In 2024 the early May UK Bank Holiday takes place on the 6th May, and IMS takes place between the 24th – 26th April. That means Ibiza Opening Parties will start on the weekend of the 26th April 2024.

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Looking at previous seasons, it’s definitely getting more and more difficult to guess when Ibiza clubs and parties get underway.

We analysed the last few seasons of Opening Parties, which shows us they are taking place earlier every year:

opening-parties-graph 1

We can comfortably predict plenty of parties will already be getting underway by the 21st May.

However, there’s no doubt you’ll be able to find lots going on earlier that month.

Perhaps the future of Ibiza’s Opening Parties will be aligned with the Early May Bank Holiday in the UK, which falls on the first Monday of May each year.

Is May a good time to visit Ibiza?

But what can you expect if you do decide to kickstart your summer early with a trip to Ibiza in May?

For us, May is one of the best times to visit the island.

With it not being peak season, you’ll be able to find some cheaper deals for getting to and staying on the island.

Flights can be found for under £100.

Accommodation in May is cheaper too. You will typically find hotel prices in May 30% cheaper than in the peak months of July and August. So there are lots of deals to be had. Check out our Ibiza Party Villa and Ibiza Party Hotel articles for some inspiration on where to stay on the island.

The Weather in May is definitely a factor if you decide to come for Opening Parties. May is not the hottest time of year to visit Ibiza, but you can still expect plenty of sunshine, with temperatures in the low 20s. In the last couple of seasons, the average temperature in May has been 23 degrees.

Finally, coming to Ibiza in May will be a more relaxed holiday than in peak months. With fewer tourists, and workers/locals energised from the winter break, it’s an exciting and non-stressful time to visit.

May Ibiza Flight Prices

The International Music Summit (IMS)

ims-ibiza-day-2020 2

You may have heard mentions to IMS and wondered what it’s all about. IMS stands for the International Music Summit, an annual music industry conference that has taken place in Ibiza since 2008.

Often considered as the European version of Miami’s WMC (Winter Music Conference), it has hosted many of the world’s top music execs and artists alike: Seth Troxler, Nile Rodgers, Carl Cox, deadmau5 & Moby have all been amongst the guests to feature on panels and talks, with Pete Tong being one of the summit’s founders.

Check out the YouTube channel for some of the talks that cover all sorts of topics from music publishing, touring, mental health in the dance music industry, and of course the season ahead in Ibiza.

For us, May is one of the best times to visit the island.

It’s all interesting stuff, but many associate IMS with one thing in particular: the “Grand Finale” parties in Ibiza Old Town’s Dalt Vila.

These special parties are the only time that the UNESCO Heritage site is permitted to be used as a music venue throughout the whole year, and they are a sight to behold.

With a wide range of artists typically on the line up for their Grand Finale parties, they are the perfect way to kickstart the Ibiza clubbing season, and many consider this weekend to be when the island really wakes up for the summer.

The conference was held virtually in 2020 & 2021 due to the pandemic. In 2022 the conference was finally able to move to its new home at Pacha‘s Destino Hotel Resort for the first time.

In 2024, IMS will take place between the 24th – 26th April at The Mondrian and Hyde hotels.

Ibiza Club Opening Parties

We mentioned already that some clubs host their own one-off opening parties, and next season will be no different. Once we know more about each club’s official opening party, we’ll update the information below.

Amnesia is typically the first super club to open in Ibiza, and puts on an early treat with both of its huge rooms showing off a jam-packed line up. It’s the favourite opening party for many workers who are already on the island in time… expect to see a lot of them there!

The Amnesia Opening Party is always on a Saturday. In previous seasons the likes of Luciano, The Martinez Brothers, and Adam Beyer have been on the line ups for their season opening.

2019 Opening: Saturday 11th May

2022 Opening: Saturday 21st May

2023 Opening: Saturday 13th May

In previous seasons, sister superclubs of Playa d’en Bossa have joined forces for their Opening and Closing Parties, named Odyssey.

In 2023 the superclubs joined forces again, this time the party is named Signal. It took place on Saturday the 29th April.

2024 sees another joint Opening Party, taking place on Saturday the 27th April. It’s the earliest Opening Party for Hï and Ushuaïa yet!

2019 Opening: 18th May

2022 Opening: Saturday 30th April

2023 Opening: Saturday 29th April

2024 Opening: Saturday 27th April

Pacha is unique in that it used to never officially close for the winter, instead remaining open during the winter for local DJ showcases.

In 2023 Solomun and Angel Linde will play the Opening Party to celebrate its 50th Birthday.

2019 Opening: April/May

2022 Opening: Friday 29th April

2023 Opening: Friday 28th April

Privilege is normally the latest of the super clubs to open, with a smaller schedule to fill than other clubs on the island.

Its opening party in 2019 was in early June alongside Brutal Ibiza.

Sadly the world’s largest club has remained shut since the 2019 season. We’re waiting to find out what will happen next to the world’s largest club, and there are rumours of a much needed makeover for its big re-opening…

2019 Opening: 8th June

Expect Eden to open around the same time as IMS. Its most recent opening party featured Art Department, David Squillace and Matthias Tanzmann.

The party was a few days after Defected’s opening party, which may well be the case in 2022 if Defected host another early start in May.

Defected will open on Friday the 29th April. So perhaps Eden could open at some point that week during IMS. Watch this space…

2019: Tuesday 21st May

2023 Opening: TBC

Ibiza Rocks like to host their own Opening Party early on in the season.

In 2023 the hotel will open earlier than ever – on the 30th March.

However, things really kick off the weekend of the 12-14th May for the official opening weekend.

2019: Friday 17th May

2022: Saturday 21st May

2023 Opening: Friday 12th May

O Beach Ibiza tends to stagger its Opening Parties with various warm up events before the season really gets under way.

In 2020, the San Antonio day club planned a Soft Opening on Friday the 24th April, followed by its official Opening Party on Friday the 8th May.

Its regular daily parties are normally up and running by the end of May.

2019 Opening Party: Friday 17th May

2022 Opening Party: Friday 6th May (Soft Opening Friday 22nd April)

2023 Opening: Friday 5th May

Ibiza Opening Parties 2024

What we know so far

Watch this space for more 2024 announcements!

  • IMS Dalt Vila will probably take place on Friday the 26th April (TBC)
  • Ushuaïa and Hï will host a joint Opening Party on Saturday the 27th April
  • ABODE at Eden will open on Sunday May 26th
  • Paul Van Dyk’s SHINE Ibiza returns @ Eden from Thursday the 4th July
  • O Beach’s 2024 Opening Party takes place on Friday the 3rd May
  • O Beach’s regular parties remain the same as 2023, and commence the following week

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