Ibiza Weather Information

Summer Season

If you’re planning a trip to Ibiza for its clubbing and party experience, you’ll likely be planning to visit during the summer season between May and October. True to its mediterranean climate, clear and sunny days start in May and temperatures can reach mid twenties. By July and August the days are hot with peak temperatures hitting the thirties and the sea will be warm enough for a dip. Warm weather continues through to September and in some cases even October, though rain is more likely in the later summer months.

What To Wear

Visitors heading to Ibiza for Opening Parties in May or Closing Parties in late September and October can still expect some beautiful, sunny days. However, it can be windy and the evenings in particular can get cool so we suggest bringing a jacket.

If you’re planning a summer trip and will be in Ibiza between June to August you can expect some glorious sunshine and temperatures up to 35°C. You’ll feel comfortable in beach wear and pack some pool party attire. Don’t forget to bring your suncream!

Average Ibiza Temperatures

January 15°C
February 16°C
March 17°C
April 20°C
May 23°C
June 27°C
July 29°C
August 31°C
September 27°C
October 24°C
November 19°C
December 16°C

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