The 10 Best Ibiza Party Villas

If you’re heading to Ibiza in the summer to party and looking for some villa inspiration, we have just the list for you. Staying in a Villa when you’re in Ibiza is without doubt the best accommodation option for larger groups, not only because it’s an amazing experience, but you get much better value for money compared to a hotel.

Whilst there are hundreds of options out there, we’ve handpicked 10 villas that each have their own advantage when it comes to making the most of your clubbing trip to Ibiza.

Before we delve into the list, check out our quick guide on things to consider when deciding what sort of Ibiza villa is right for your group. Just tap to expand below. If you want to go straight to the list of Villas, then keep on scrolling!

Ibiza Party Villas: Location

We cannot stress how important it is to think very carefully about the best location for your villa. The photos might look incredible (they normally do!), but if your villa is in the wrong part of the island, you are going to spend a lot of time getting to and from it.

You should think about which clubs you plan to go to, as Ibiza has two main areas for partying. San Antonio on the West Coast, and Playa d’en Bossa on the East Coast (check out our Club Guide for detailed information about each of the clubs). If you don’t plan to go to Eden, O Beach or the Zoo Project, then it does not make sense for you to stay near San Antonio. If and Ushuaïa are more your thing, then you should be looking somewhere closer to Playa d’en Bossa.

You also need to think about how your group is going to get from A to B. Renting a car in Ibiza is a great idea if you are staying in a villa. But let’s be honest, that’s not an option when you’ll be going out clubbing most days. 

Taxis are your only real option, but unlike staying at a hotel where they can be booked for you, getting a taxi from a villa can be very, very difficult. So bear this in mind, and consider using the Ibiza Taxi App (it has saved us in plenty of situations!).

If your villa is off the beaten track, learn how to navigate to it during the day in Spanish. You will be repeating this to your taxi drivers a lot, and it helps if you’ve practiced. Believe it or not, taxi drivers will not know your villa by name 🙂

Ibiza Party Villas: Cost

A massive benefit of staying in a villa for your trip to Ibiza is the cost. Yes you’re spoilt for choice with the number of villas out there, but once your group size is over 8 people, the price per person per night value is fantastic. It beats the value you get at a hotel hands down.

As with any holiday destination, prices change depending on the month you stay. We looked at the average prices per week at over 30 popular villas in Ibiza, and found the prices varied massively over the course of the summer.

Ibiza Villas Cost per Person per Night Chart

In May, an average week long stay in a 12 person villa will cost just over £45 (€50) per person per night.

Now look at August. The average price per night goes up to nearly £95 (€100), that’s 85% more for the exact same villa in May.

This could still be great value vs a hotel, but we want to point out these big differences in prices. Flexibility pays if you’re lucky enough to have it! Did we mention that our favourite times to visit Ibiza are for Opening Parties in May, and Closing Parties in September? 🎉

The Villa

Well this seems fairly obvious doesn’t it? Beyond looking at the usual stuff such as bedrooms, bathrooms and other facilities, pay close attention to the communal spaces. Are the indoor / outdoor lounges large enough for the whole group to hang out together?

Most villas these days come with air conditioning, but not all. You should check whether all rooms are equipped.

Check out Google Maps for the immediate surroundings too. If you plan to play music outside, you will want to make sure there won’t be any noise complaints from neighbours.

Are there shops nearby you can pick up drinks and food easily?

Our final recommendation is to get to know your host. You will have one point of contact at your villa throughout the stay and it pays to keep in touch with them. They might be able to help you with anything from taxis, club tickets, reservations and more. Make sure you check out our Party Calendar when planning your parties.

Right… let’s look at our top 10 Ibiza Party Villas!

Our Tips

🏅 Best Party Villa Villa Views
👥 Large Groups Villa Savines
🌟 Best Luxury Can Cool
💸 Best Value Villa Mercedes
🌅 Best San Antonio Grand Palace
🛥 Best Ibiza Old Town Bab el Oued


Villa Views


San Jose


~£69 pppn


10 people

This is an outstanding villa for 10 people that ticks so many boxes based on convenience alone. San Jose is located just north of Ibiza Airport, making it ideal for shorter stays. You have Playa d’en Bossa just over a mile away for clubbing at & Ushuaïa, and Ibiza Town is about 10 minutes by taxi. DC10 is also a short 5 minute taxi ride away.

The rooms, garden & pool areas are all looked after immaculately, highlighted frequently in its reviews. You have lots of great spaces to hang out, including a dedicated bar area and bali-style beds. And yes, with a name like Villa Views, the views are fantastic as you can imagine! With its south facing aspect, you will get sea views wherever you look as you watch planes land and take off in the distance.

You’ll still need to take taxis to get to and from the villa, but there’s no chance of you feeling stranded here. There’s a big Mercadona supermarket under a 10 minute walk away, which is going to be a lifesaver assuming you don’t rent a car.


Can Cool


Sant Jordi (nr Airport)


~£165 pppn


8 people

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out how this villa was named. Can Cool oozes class wherever you look. It’s a brand new, modern villa that’s been finished beautifully inside and out.

Your group of 8 will be able to enjoy the integrated Bose sound system not only inside your villa, but also throughout the terrace and sprawling gardens.

There’s something very “Wolf of Wall Street” about this place.. and we love it.

To top it off, the villa is just a 5 minute taxi from Ushuaia & in Playa d’en Bossa, and you’ll find plenty of shops within walking distance. Can Cool ticks all the boxes, and then some ✅


Villa Savines


Puig d'en Valls (nr Ibiza Town)


~£94 pppn


16 people

Located roughly 1 miles north of Ibiza Town, Villa Savines is a complete gem of a property that can cater for a whopping 16 people.

Not only is it huge, but it works out to great value if you’re going to Ibiza in a big group. It’s rare to find a villa so close to the Old Town yet has so much outdoor space, and also very very private.

It’s traditional, yet has been renovated just a few years ago to a modern, high standard. The bedrooms are large (all 8 of them), and there are lots of nooks and crannies either get away from it all, or get the party started.

Savines is the sort of Ibiza villa you’ll go to once… and want to come back to time and time again. Get your crew ready now!


Bab el Oued




~£98 pppn


11 people

Also in the Talamanca region, Bab el Oued is a completely different style of villa. This is a traditionally designed villa with Moroccan twists throughout. It’s located directly north of the Old Town, and lends itself to incredible views over the harbour and Dalt Vila off in the distance.

You’re spoilt for choice with rooms to enjoy this villa. The huge pool area is surrounded by hammocks and terraces to admire the view, while an interior courtyard offers a different communal area to gather at. In fact, we’re calling it: there’s a good chance you’ll get lost here at some point amongst the 600m2 surface area!

The entire property has been thought out so well. Despite only being a 5 minute drive from town, you will feel as though you have your own very own private oasis in Ibiza here. Sleeping up to 11 in your group, it’s also great value per person at any point in the season.

A truly stunning villa if you are lucky enough to be able to stay in it.


Villa Rainbow


San Antonio


~£70 pppn


8 people

Let’s head over to the West coast and look at some villas near San Antonio.

First up, Villa Rainbow. This another new villa, perfect for groups between 6-8 (or even smaller if you all want your own rooms). The villa itself is pretty small on the inside, but it makes up for that with its outdoor space: there’s a large garden & pool area, as well as a decked area perfectly set up for BBQs and poolside parties. The first floor bedroom terrace has perfect views over the bay: perfect for sunset drinks for the days you don’t end up going to the sunset strip 🙂

We should state that Villa Rainbow is not in the very heart of San Antonio. You’d be about 1.5km from O Beach (under 5 minute taxi) or a few more minutes drive to get to Eden or Ibiza Rocks. However, this is one of the highest rated villas we’ve seen, and a great villa to base yourself at near San Antonio. Taxis are easier to come by here than in San Jose.


Villa Colina


San Antonio


~£81 pppn


8 people

Drive 5 minutes north of San Antonio and you will find yourself in Cala Gració. That’s where you’ll find Villa Colina, a very private property hidden away amongst the trees. It’s a beautiful villa which still has many traditional features: light fittings, wooden beams, even an original well pump.

There’s a huge amount of outdoor space to enjoy the garden & pool, as well as table tennis & snooker tables. To top it off, you have views overlooking San Antonio bay in the distance.

Villa Colina is on the end of a pretty steep hill, and you’ll definitely be taking taxis to and from to get there. With that said, this is another villa you might not want to leave once you arrive! Villa Colina is our top pick for traditional style villas in San Antonio, and can hold up to 8 guests.


Grand Palace


San Antonio


~£60 pppn


10 people

Back to the south side of San Antonio, and we come to the Grand Palace. This is a 10 person, modern villa which is perfectly set up to host groups of friends. It’s one of best value villas we’ve seen when you split between 10 friends.

You’ll find lots of space inside, with spacious bedrooms, modern bathrooms, games room and comfortable living room areas. Outdoors there’s a big pool, terrace, and dining area alongside the immaculate gardens.

The location is perfect: you have supermarkets and shops within walking distance, while O Beach is a 20 minute walk or 5 minute taxi ride.

Throw in a very attentive host during your stay, and you can easily see how this is one of the most popular villas in San Antonio. The reviews here are some of the best we’ve seen. This one will get booked up very quickly!


Can Mossènyer


San Antonio


~£69 pppn


7 people

If you’re looking for an Ibiza villa experience but still want the convenience of being in the middle of the San An action, look no further than Can Mossènyer.

This 7 person villa is a complete gem of a find. You’ll practically be rolling out of bed and immediately hear the beat from Ibiza Rocks, just 100 metres down the road. The sunset strip for Cafe del Mar & Mambo’s is just a few minutes walk away, and of course you’re spoilt for choice with the convenience of shops at your doorstep.

The villa itself is a little dated on the inside, but it’s very clean and has decent size bedrooms. You’ll end up spending most of your time here in the outdoor areas anyway, with a good sized pool, covered lounge areas, hammocks and BBQ all included. There’s also a sun terrace on the front of the property too.

Staying in a well equipped villa without relying on taxis in Ibiza is a huge luxury. If that sounds like what you’re after, we highly recommend checking out Can Mossènyer.


Villa Mercedes


San Jose


~£55 pppn


10 people

We’re back in San Jose, and this time we’re looking at Villa Mercedes. This is a traditional finca style villa that can hold up to 10 guests. It’s only a couple of miles away from the airport – you could almost walk there when you land!

Villa Mercedes has all the facilities you need: very clean and good sized bedrooms, lots of choices for indoor & outdoor dining, as well as lounging as you prepare for your nights out.

We should warn you: this villa is pretty isolated. While you don’t need to worry about noise complaints, you won’t find many shops nearby. You’ll also need to know where you’re guiding taxi drivers… not too easy late at night! Remember, the Ibiza Taxi App is your friend 🙂 Once you’ve got a taxi sorted, you’re still only a few minutes ride away from DC10 or Playa d’en Bossa.

If you do stay here, make sure you head to KM5 which is just a short drive away. It’s one of our favourite bars on the island and well worth a visit.

Mercedes is the best value villa on our list, even more so if you’re looking for a few nights trip for Opening / Closing Parties.


Villa Can Raes


San Rafael


~£71 pppn


10 people

For the last villa in our list, we’ve gone for something completely different. Whilst all other villas are either near to Playa d’en Bossa or San Antonio, Villa Can Raes is located in the very middle of the island, close to San Rafael.

The benefit of Can Raes is that you’re a 10 minute drive to either Ibiza Town or San Antonio. The villa is close to the main road, and there’s a bus stop just a couple of minutes away. Don’t forget that you have superclubs Amnesia and Privilege just a few minutes away by taxi too. All of a sudden, staying in the middle of the island doesn’t seem like such a bad idea!

And then of course there is the villa. It’s huge! There are beds for up to 12 people, modern interiors, very clean rooms (some with their own terraces), and a very big pool area. The villa even has its own 5 a side football pitch because….. why not?! It’s also very private, so don’t expect any trouble from the neighbours 🙂

It’s a fantastic villa, and definitely one to consider outside of the usual hotspots.

Hopefully we’ve given you plenty of food for thought as you consider where to stay for your clubbing trip to Ibiza.

Are you going to Ibiza with a smaller group? Check out our Ibiza Party Hotel recommendations too.

Has it helped you make up your mind for your next trip to Ibiza? Remember, you can always get in touch with us if you have any questions about your holiday.

calendar 27
Time of Year Check

Consider if you want to catch Opening Parties in May, Closing Parties in September, or peak season in July & August.

location 28
Location Check

San Antonio for O Beach & Eden. Playa d’en Bossa for Ushuaïa and Hï. The Old Town for Pacha. Think carefully where you want to be based. It’s the most important decision you’ll make when choosing the villa.

villa 29
Villa Amenities Check

How much outdoor space will you need? How big is the pool? What’s the security like? Make sure you’ve read as many reviews as possible before making your choice.

transport 30
Transport Check

You’ve picked a location, but you also need a plan to get around. Find out where the nearest taxi rank is, and make sure you know how to direct drivers to the villa.

We aim to give you all the info you need to buy your club tickets for Ibiza.

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