Ibiza Events Today

What’s going on in Ibiza on Thursday 6th June 2024? 🏝

We’ve also included parties taking place over the next week. Check out our Party Calendar for the full weekly and monthly listings 🗓

What's on in Ibiza Today?

Ibiza has over 20 clubs and during the summer season there’s a huge amount of events taking place every day.

From pool parties, to day clubs, boat parties and nightclubs, there is always a party happening somewhere in Ibiza!

Browse our party calendar above to see which parties are taking place today.

What time do Ibiza Parties start today?

Boat Parties start anytime between 11.30am – 6pm, depending on the company.

Daytime clubs typically open at 2pm, closing by 11pm.

Nightclubs normally open at 11pm, and close at 6am.

Can I buy Ibiza Club Tickets for events today?

Yes, you can normally buy Ibiza club tickets on the day of the event. However, online sales sometimes stop 1-2 hours before the club opens.

Your other options are to buy paper tickets (from a shop or hotel) or buy tickets at the door of the club.

We always recommend buying tickets online in advance, as it guarantees entry, and on average saves you €10 per ticket.

We aim to give you all the info you need to buy your club tickets for Ibiza.

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