Ibiza Closing Parties 2019

Your guide for the best closing parties of the season

Closing Parties in Ibiza signal the end of a long, long summer season that began life in May. The summer may be drawing to a close as the temperature drops, but the parties at this time of year are the hottest on the island. In this guide we’ll tell you what to expect from the Closing Parties, our recommendations for 2019, and the Closing Parties already confirmed for this year.

If you’re going to Ibiza to catch any of the Closing Parties in 2019, you’re in for a treat.

Why go to Ibiza for Closing Parties?

For us, Closing Parties are the best time to go to Ibiza. There are fewer people around, giving you more breathing space in general. It’s easier to get taxis, book a last minute restaurant or day-bed, and the island feels more relaxed as the off-season approaches. You’ll encounter a lot of workers who are looking forward to some deserved time off during the winter!

You’re also more likely to find cheaper deals to Ibiza during the Closing Parties. Why? Because the peak time for tourism in Ibiza is July and August. Hotels and villas become more affordable at the end of September and beginning of October. Take for example one of our favourite hotels, Es Vivé in Figuertas. The average price during peak season for a room is £300, but this drops down to just £85 in early October – that’s over 70% cheaper! If you’re in a larger group, you might find some great last minute Villa deals via Ibiza Spotlight at this time too. Most hotels will close for the season between mid to end October, and will lower prices to get as many bookings possible before that happens.

The same goes for flights. A return flight from London to Ibiza in September costs £76, vs £114 in August. In October the average drops even lower to £48 return.

Ibiza Closing Party Flight Costs
Average return flight costs from London

The weather is another factor for coming during Closing Parties. By the end of September the average temperature on the island drops to 24°C. It’s noticeably cooler than the 30°C average in August, but it makes for more comfortable dancing at day parties 😎

The most important reason to go for Closing Parties, is the parties themselves! You’ll get the best line ups, surprise guests, and production value no matter where you go, as every club and promoter pull out all the stops for the party that the whole season has been working toward. There’s a good reason a lot of parties don’t have an end time when it comes to closing!

When are the Ibiza Closing Parties for 2019?

There’s often some confusion about when exactly Closing Parties take place. In previous years, most Closing Parties would take place at the end of September before the season finished.  Nowadays however, some Closing Parties won’t happen until the second week of October. Take Circoloco at DC10, whose final party is on the 7th October this season.

Whilst you might find yourself in Ibiza in the middle of September, not every party you go to will necessarily be a Closing Party

It’s important to understand that there isn’t any official set time when Closing Parties are happening. Each club and promoter will decide when their own Closing Party is hosted. So whilst you might find yourself in Ibiza in the middle of September, not every party you go to will necessarily be a Closing Party. In fact, some might have already taken place by then! Of the 83 confirmed Closing Parties for 2019, the first takes place on the 18th August (Warriors at Octan), and the last is the 13th October (Solomun+1 at Pacha). That’s a pretty wide timespan!

So if you’re going specifically to Ibiza for Closing Parties, make sure you plan ahead.

If you want to catch the widest choice of Closing Parties, the best time to go is the week between the 28th September – 5th October. There are no less than 33 to choose from that week, with 7 parties taking place alone on Friday the 4th October to choose from 🙌

Ibiza Closing Parties Chart
The majority of Closing Parties take place between the 28th Sept – 5th October

Which Ibiza Closing Parties are confirmed for 2019?

Here are the 83 parties that have been confirmed for 2019 so far. There are more still to come so watch this space!

Scroll down the page to see all confirmed Closing Parties for 2019, or view them on our dedicated Closing Party Calendar page.

Are you going to Ibiza for Closing Parties this season? Get in touch if you have any questions, and have fun 🎉

Ibiza Closing Parties 2019