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Everything you need to know about doing VIP in Ibiza

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Ibiza and VIP go hand in hand. There’s no escaping that fact these days, and it’s clear that the popularity of VIP has risen and risen over the last decade..

Ibiza’s reputation for having the best clubbing in the world now attracts a truly global audience. With hundreds of thousands of clubbers descending on the island every summer, it’s no surprise that some want to elevate their experience with all the bells and whistles that VIP brings.

There’s been a huge increase in luxury hotels and villas over the last few years. And for that clientele in particular, the luxury experience shouldn’t end at the club.

VIP might not be for everyone, but today nearly every club caters to VIPs and non-VIPs alike.

In our Ibiza VIP Guide we’ll look at what VIP tables include, how they work, their prices, and what you can expect from each club’s VIP experience in 2024.

How do Ibiza VIP Tables work?

Due to their popularity, Ibiza VIP tables nearly always require advance reservations.

During the reservation process you’ll be able to choose the area you want to sit in. In some cases, you might get a choice of the exact table.

You’ll need to make a deposit in order to secure the table. For some clubs this can be 10% of the booking value, but we’ve seen this be 50% or even 100% for some parties.

Once you’ve made the deposit, the venue will confirm the entrance and time for your reservation.

VIP guests always have a separate club entrance to general admission! You do not pay for a ticket separately: entrance is included as part of the price of the table.

VIP guests always have a separate club entrance to general admission! You do not pay for a ticket separately: entrance is included as part of the price of the table.

Your VIP area will be separate from the rest of the club. Of course, you can still explore the rest of the venue. However, your wristband will get you access to the VIP area and your group’s reserved table.

At your table you’ll have an attendant to take care of your drink and food orders. No need to queue up at the bar!

Spirits are sold by the bottle and will come with a selection of mixers of your choice.

Time to enjoy the party! Whether you stay at your table or get stuck into the middle of the dancefloor is your choice.

Just don’t forget to settle the bill at the end of the night!

Some clubs will add a service charge, so check whether you need to add a tip or not.

hi vip 2 1

How much are VIP Tables in Ibiza?

Overall, the average VIP table in Ibiza costs €350 per person.

However, the cost of a VIP table in Ibiza varies on many factors. These include:

– The club itself. Some clubs are simply more expensive than others, such as Pacha, Hï, or Ushuaïa.
– The party. Some parties have very high VIP demand and that is reflected in the price.
– The table area. Clubs have several VIP areas. The most expensive are normally large tables closest to the DJ booth.

Ibiza VIP tables are typically priced based on a minimum drinks spend per person. In effect, you are paying for your drinks, rather than the table itself.

Spirits are served by the bottle, and that’s where the majority of your spend will be taken up.

And remember, your entrance is included as part of your table reservation.

Let’s take an example. You want to book a table of 4 where the minimum spend per person is €200.


On the night you get a bottle of vodka priced at €600. The bottle comes with all the spirits you need.


You also get 6 beers costing €90 in total.


At the end of the night, you’ve spent €690 on drinks. However, the minimum spend requirement was €800 (4 x €200). As such, you’ll still need to pay that amount (plus service).

All of these factors make it difficult to predict how much your VIP table will cost. However, we’ve taken an average of multiple clubs on the island to give you an indication of what you might spend

Of course, if you’ve come to Ibiza to drink the finest champagne in the clubs, then you can expect to pay thousands of euros for a single bottle.

Are Ibiza VIP Tables worth it?

Well, you should already know by now that Ibiza is not a cheap island. But this might be a once in a lifetime trip. And going VIP could well be the decision that determines one of the best nights of your life.

There are a few things that really make VIP worth it.

Firstly, privacy & space are at a premium in Ibiza clubs. You’re going to struggle to get any spot to take a breather from the dancefloor, let alone a space to sit.

Knowing you’ve got your very own table could very much help with your clubbing marathon and keep you going the whole night.

The other factor to consider is also how much you’re planning to drink. If you’re going to be consuming a lot, and you’re in a group of 8 or more, then bottle service could easily be worth it vs paying for individual drinks. Remember, a single vodka & coke could cost you over €22 when buying from the bar directly.

Ibiza Clubs VIP

Let’s have a look at the VIP offerings for each club in Ibiza 👉

🏅 Best Overall VIP Hï Ibiza
💅🏻 Best Luxury Pacha
🌟 Best VIP Service Amnesia
😎 Best Daytime VIP Ushuaia
💸 Best VIP Value Eden
👥 Best Groups VIP O Beach

Hï Ibiza VIP

Ibiza’s newest superclub was refurbished in 2017 to an extremely high standard. It now opens every night throughout the summer, typically from midnight until 6am.

Hï was developed with an emphasis on VIP. There are two dancefloors in the club.

The Theatre is the main room. It features a long dancefloor surrounded by VIP tables at different levels all facing the DJ booth.

Meanwhile, the more intimate club room has three large VIP areas all surrounding the DJ booth.

Hï Ibiza Table Prices

Tables prices for Hï Ibiza vary depending on the event. Contact us for a quote.

Ushuaïa Ibiza VIP

Ushuaïa is Playa d’en Bossa’s famous open air superclub. Its events start between 2-5pm and run until midnight. Hotels guests get free entry to the daily parties, or can enjoy the view from their balcony if it faces towards the action.

The Ushuaïa VIP area is located on the right hand side of the dancefloor. It is slightly elevated to improve the view of the large stage from several rows of VIP tables.

VIP tables generally cater to groups of up to 10. This makes Ushuaïa the perfect choice for some daytime VIP action in a larger group in Ibiza.

Ushuaïa Ibiza Table Prices

Tables prices for Ushuaïa Ibiza vary depending on the event. Contact us for a quote.


Pacha is Ibiza’s oldest and most charming club, originating from the early 70s. Inside, the club just been refurbished to make the club look better than ever. Pacha opens at midnight and normally closes at 6am every night.

VIP at Pacha is the quintessential luxury experience in Ibiza. The club offers a large range of VIP tables and areas across different levels in its main room. The most premium of these areas will have you nearly rubbing shoulders with the DJ, right in the middle of the dancefloor.

Tables prices are usually based on groups of 4. Perfect for couples, friends, or anyone you’re lucky enough to be in Ibiza with 😀

pacha vip map 13

Pacha Ibiza Table Prices

Tables start at €800 and go up to €5000 depending on the position in the club, time of season, and party.

You can expect to pay €250 per person for a VIP table at Pacha.

Pacha Ibiza Bottle Prices

Bottles at Pacha Ibiza start at €450.

Amnesia Ibiza VIP

amnesia ibiza vip 14

The legendary Amnesia Ibiza needs no introduction. Its two large dancefloors welcome thousands of clubbers nearly every night throughout the season, normally opening from 11pm until 7am.

In both the Main Room and La Terraza, you’ll find VIP tables on the upstairs balconies, surrounding the room and facing toward to DJ booth. Most tables cater for up to 5 guests.

Compared to other clubs, VIP tables at Amnesia are generally more discreet and private. Some clubs put VIP almost front and center in the dancefloor, but that’s not the case with Amnesia. And perhaps that’s what you’re looking for with your VIP experience in Ibiza?

amnesia terrace vip 15

Amnesia Ibiza Table Prices

Tables start at €1000 and go up to €6000 depending on the position in the club, date, and the party.

Expect to pay €200 per person for a VIP table at Amnesia.

Amnesia Ibiza Bottle Prices

Bottles at Amnesia Ibiza start at €450.

Eden Ibiza VIP

eden ibiza vip 16

Eden is hands down our favourite club in San Antonio. Its daily parties throughout the summer cater to some of the best house, D&B, and trance nights you’ll find anywhere on the island.

The club is split across 2 levels, and you’ll find small, intimate VIP areas in both of them. Tables are typically priced based on a group of 4 sharing: perfect for you and your mates to enjoy an unforgettable night in Ibiza.

O Beach Ibiza VIP

O Beach is the famous San Antonio beachclub that has been putting smiles on the faces of Ibiza clubbers for over 10 years.

The parties run daily, typically starting at 1pm and closing at 11pm.

The VIP area at O Beach offers a wide range of beds, sofas, and cabanas. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a large group looking to be in the heart of the action, or the privacy of your own cabana.

Pool beds allow up to 6, tables up to 10, and cabanas up to 12 guests.

O Beach Ibiza layout

O Beach Ibiza Table Prices

Tables start at €550 and go up to €3000 depending on the position in the club, date, and the party.

You can expect to pay around €100 per person for a VIP table at O Beach. It’s the best value VIP bottle service at any club in the island.

O Beach Ibiza Bottle Prices

Bottles of spirits at O Beach start at €270, with bottles of champagne starting at €175.

Ibiza VIP Tables FAQs

The average VIP table in Ibiza costs €350 per person.

However, the cost of a VIP table in Ibiza varies on many factors.

Dress code is generally not strict in VIP areas. Smart / elegant / casual is the typical dress code, where swimwear and flip-flops are not allowed.

Enjoying a VIP table in Ibiza is the ultimate luxurious way to take advanatge of the best nightclubs in the world.

Book Your Ibiza VIP Table

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Choose Club

Ibiza has clubs in all shapes and sizes. Which type of VIP experience will largely depend on the club.

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Choose Party

Each Ibiza club’s music policy will change from night to night, depending on the party. Make sure you pick the right one!

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Select VIP Area

The cost of your table will vary depending on where you want to sit in the club.

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Pay Deposit

Make sure you understand the minimum spend per person for your table, then pay the required deposit. It’s time to party!

We aim to give you all the info you need to buy your club tickets for Ibiza.

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