Uber in Ibiza? The Next Best Thing

T axis in Ibiza can be very difficult to come by, but there’s a new alternative that might just be a game changer on the island if you’re looking for an Uber Ibiza alternative.

Picture the scene.

You’ve been at your favourite Ibiza club / bar / beach club, and the day / night is drawing to a close. Time to move on to the next place, or simply get back to your digs for a couple of drinks before some well earned shut-eye.

Except… you can’t. You’re in the middle of nowhere, and there’s not a taxi in sight. Nada. We’ve lost count of the number of times we’ve been waiting patiently for a car praying to see that green light of hope signalling it’s available.

Taxi Light Ibiza

And it’s not just in the far-flung areas of Ibiza either. You might be stuck in the middle of San Antonio queueing for over an hour to get a taxi during the season… it’s just not fun.

In truth, your best bet for booking a taxi is getting your hotel to book one for you, or calling Ibiza Radio Taxis yourself. But what if you’re not near a hotel? What about when you try calling the number but realise your Spanish isn’t as bueno as you thought it was? Besides, what street are you even on right now?

You might be stuck in the middle of San Antonio queueing for over an hour to get a taxi during the season… it’s just not fun.

Ringing any bells? We hear you. It’s painful.

If only there were a better way to book a taxi… perhaps an app on your phone. Sound familiar?

Does Uber or Lyft Exist in Ibiza?

Uber does not exist in Ibiza for regulatory reasons, and never has done. Lyft does not exist in Ibiza either for the same reason.

Uber does not have a good track record in Spain, and in fact you’ll only find the ride-hailing service in 8 cities across the whole country. We don’t expect this to change any time soon either.

In early 2019, Uber was forced to pull out of Barcelona when new regulations came into place which meant vehicles had to be booked at least 15 minutes in advance.

Ibiza Taxis Strike in 2018 1

In 2018, Ibiza Taxi Drivers took part in a 24 hour strike against companies such as Uber who were being granted VTC licences. This is despite Uber not even operating on the island!

So, it doesn’t look good for Uber in Ibiza any time in the near future. We’re certainly not holding our breath for a regulatory breakthrough any time soon.

But… as of the 2019, there’s a new app on the scene.

The Ibiza Taxi App 🚖

Yes that’s right, Ibiza has caught up with the rest of the world with its own version of Uber: the Ibiza Taxi App, which lets you book the same cabs you’re used to but directly via their iOS / Android app.

Ibiza Taxi App Screenshots

But let’s get a few things straight. This is not an app developed by a tech giant in the US. It’s been developed by the Federación Insular del Taxi, the group who represent Taxi Drivers in Ibiza themselves.

It will not be the slick experience you’ve become accustomed to with Uber. The drivers are still Ibiza Taxi Drivers. So just remember you are playing by their rules… we’ll say no more 🤐

The app has been developed by the Federación Insular del Taxi, the group who represent Taxi Drivers in Ibiza themselves.

Let’s take a look at the app and our thoughts about using it.

How does the app work?

Sign up to the Ibiza Taxi App is relatively straightforward. Once you’re registered, the interface should look pretty similar to what you’re used to. We’re immediately drawn to the Ibiza Taxi App promo code button, but there’s literally nothing we can find about any sort of promo or sign up offer. Maybe one day they’ll offer a referral program so we can use the promo codes…. who knows.

Ibiza Taxi App Walkthrough

Choose your location, and set your pick up time. Easy right? If you’re at the airport, you can even specify the time your flight arrives and schedule your booking.


Whilst it looks as if you can add another payment option other than cash, in actual fact you can’t. That is unless you have an “account ID and password”… which we have no idea about.

So in short, you will need to pay for your taxi with cash when using the app. There’s no getting around that unfortunately.

You’ll need to pay for fares with cash, as cards are not accepted on the app

Does it work?

Well the good news is… yes! We’ve been using the app this season and in general there have been no problems. You may encounter similar problems as with Uber.. for example drivers cancelling trips without any reason, but be patient and you should find it to be a useful service.

Ibiza Taxi App Reviews

How much do taxi fares cost with the Ibiza Taxi App?

Taxi Fares for the Ibiza Taxi App are the same as usual. The bookings count as a pre-booked fare, so you’ll pay €4.95 when the meter starts (as opposed to €3.65 when you hail one from the street).

After that, the fares cost the following.

  • €1.09 per kilometer between 7am - 9pm
  • €1.33 per kilometer between 9pm -7am (and from 3pm on Saturdays / Sundays)
  • €0.33 per minute waiting (day) €0.40 per minute waiting (night)


Uber doesn’t exist, but Ibiza has found its own way to offer clubbers a different way to get around the island with the Ibiza Taxi App.

The main benefit of the app is to get taxis when you’re in an area with few taxis already – which, if you know Ibiza, is pretty frequent.

Just remember to have some patience, bring cash, and…. smile. You’re in Ibiza to have a good time after all 🙌

We aim to give you all the info you need to buy your club tickets for Ibiza.

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